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About Tom Richard

Tom Richard serves on the Board of Directors of the Goodnation Foundation, a 501(c)(3) corporation headquartered in New York. Goodnation is amplifying the impact of charitable giving by providing valuable philanthropic expertise and resources to donors and charities. Together with Vanguard Charitable, Goodnation developed Smartfunds to fight hunger and homelessness in America and has worked on worthy causes with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Robin Hood Foundation. Tom is also the Managing Director of Dignity Fund, a collaborative philanthropy based in San Francisco supporting civil rights, democracy and fairness in the justice system.

In 2011, Tom co-founded RTGR Law in Oakland. During his 10 years as Managing Partner, the firm grew to become a statewide leader in its field, distinguished by the early adoption of time-saving legal technology and hybrid work solutions and a robust commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Today, he serves as Senior Counsel, advising local governments, businesses and nonprofits on labor & employment law, workplace policies and procedures, risk management and litigation strategy.

As an attorney, Tom has earned the highest ratings from Martindale-Hubbell and the National Law Journal and is recognized as a Certified Specialist by the State Bar of California. He previously chaired a State Bar advisory commission and served on State Bar governing boards promoting professional excellence. Tom is a sought-after conference speaker and he freely shares his knowledge in continuing education programs and publications.

At Harvard University in 2019, Tom completed a prestigious leadership program with other senior law firm managing partners from around the world. The experience inspired him to launch Law Practice Innovations, a company designing cutting-edge technology, cybersecurity and practice management solutions for start-up law firms, women & minority-owned businesses and nonprofits. He advises the California Lawyers Association on legal technology and practice management and is currently developing a podcast and law school seminar on entrepreneurship and technology.

Tom lives with his family in the California coastal mountains. His roots are in the vibrant Cajun French community around New Orleans. As a teenager, he led youth community-service clubs and then broke new ground as the first person in his extended family to go to college. Shortly after graduating from law school at the University of the Pacific, he helped launch and grow a pioneering LGBTQ+ civil rights scholarship. Today, the scholarship stands as one of the largest of its kind in the nation.

Throughout his life, Tom has devoted his time and resources to supporting schools, public agencies, charities, performing arts groups, civic associations and other nonprofits, empowering them to prosper and make a meaningful impact. If you’d like to explore Tom’s history and his experience in greater detail, you are invited to reach out by email or connect with him on LinkedIn